Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some readings on animal rights/welfare

Good arguments 'for' greater animal rights

Peter Singer, Animal Liberation, London: Pimlico, 1995, ch. 1.

Karen Davis, 'Thinking Like a Chicken: Farm Animals and the Feminine Connection' in C. Adams and I. Donovan (eds), Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical Explorations, Durham: Duke University Press, 1995, pp. 192-212.

A story that will resonate

Raimond Gaita, 'For A Dog', from his The Philosopher's Dog (Text 2002).

A good case 'against'

Brian Scarlett, 'The Moral Uniqueness of the Human Animal', from Human Lives: Critical Essays on Consequentialist Bioethics, eds D. Oderberg and J. Laing (Macmillan 1997).


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